About Cybernormer

Cybernormer is a research group within the field of Sociology of Law that aims to explore the norm creating processes (social and legal) that appear in the wake of the changing information technology.

First and formost it is about exploring the gap and the distance that today is at risk of emerging between the traditional society’s rules and the social norms that are generated within the framework of young net cultures.

The group consists of researchers at the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University along with a number of collabrative partners. Stiftelsen för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling and Ericsson AB are among others involved in the collaboration.

The aim with the page Cybernormer.se is to create a venue for knowledge and discussions around how Internet creates new norms in society. Social norms that spontanily grow within different net cultures, but also norms in the shape of legislation aiming to regulate and control activities on the internet.

The blog covers our research within this field. We want to create debate and discussion around the questions that surround the project and the research results that are generated within in it. Occasionally we will invite interesting guests to write on the blog to increase the analytical width.

For more, see this post.